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Brand new instant photography experience for events & celebrations

WhatsApp Mobile Smartphone Instant Print for Events!

Vivid Snaps WhatsApp Instant Print is the fastest printing in the industry!

Being speedy keeps the waiting time short, and reduces crowding at our booth. This also means we print more photos for the duration of your event.

With the popularity of smartphones and WhatsApp messaging app, our WhatsApp Instant Print service accepts photos from a platform that your guests are already familiar with. With a few simple clicks, your guests can send their favourite photos to receive an instant print complete with your customised event branding.

At a dinner & dance, our instant photo prints provide entertainment and fascination to your guests. The printed customised event branding lets your guests keep the memories for a long time.

At a roadshow, instant photo prints draw attention from the crowd, and printed customised branding creates a lasting impression of the engagement with your brand.

Our WhatsApp instant print service can be customised to print in either credit card or 4R size. Credit card sized prints allow guests to keep their photos in their wallets, while 4R sized prints allow greater flexibility in customising your brand graphics.

If you would like to know more about this new service, get in touch with our sales representatives and we will be happy to help!

How Do You Print Your Photos At The Event

  • Add our WhatsApp number to your contact list
  • Send us your photo via WhatsApp
  • Collect photo at our booth

Our Advantage

Experience a brand new instant photo printing experience

Using a simple and familiar platform