Instant Print Photography (Roving Photographer)

  • Instant Print Roving Photography Singapore Johor Malaysia
  • Instant Print Roving Photography Singapore Johor Malaysia

The best photo prints you will ever get.

You've Found The Right Partner

Vivid Snaps provides best-in-class instant photography solutions since its inception. Through the years, we have served a wide-range of happy clients from around Singapore and abroad.

From a party of 50 guests to celebration of 7000 guests, Vivid Snaps has the expertise and solutions to provide your guests with the best instant photography experience.

Our instant roving photography team is available for worldwide deployment, contact us to make arrangements for global projects.

What is Instant Roving Photography?

Our photographer will roam around the venue of your event, while engaging your guests for posed shots. The photos are transmitted to our photo editing artist who touches up each photo before printing.

Prior to your event, our designer will get in touch with you to craft your customised photo border design. Each border design is uniquely crafted for your event.

Here's How We Work

  • Our staff will set up our print station on-site prior to your event
  • Upon commencement, our photographer will engage your guests for photos
  • Photos taken are wirelessly transmitted to our print station
  • Our photo-editing artist will edit every photo before printing
  • Photos will then be handed to your guests by our friendly photo assistant

Good Business Ethics

At Vivid Snaps, we believe in upholding strong business ethics and being fair to our customers. Our staff make recommendations based on your event requirements and will not upsell or oversell our services.

During events, our staff delivers good customer service. We do not employ gimmicks in slowing down the pace of photo taking or minimise photo print count. Our equipment are well-spec'd based on operational requirements to ensure high quality output and minimal waiting time.

Our Advantage

Give your guests the best instant photography experience

Instant roving photography service for events in Singapore, Malaysia & worldwide.