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If you have ever tried searching for a restaurant serving Cold Crab in Singapore, chances are you have already heard of Lee Do Restaurant. The pioneers of Cold Crab dishes in Singapore.

Given the limelight surrounding the now famous Lee Do Cold Crab, you may not know that it has very humble beginnings. Let us take you into a short journey of the five most famous dishes in Lee Do Restaurant.

Lee Do Cold Crab
In 1977, the then popular Flower Crab was in short supply, while Sri Lankan crab was in abundance. As ridiculous as it sounds, there were rumours spreading that Sri Lankan crabs fed on human flesh. This had caused many people to stay away from them. Undeterred by the reality, the late founder Mr Tan Seng Eng began cooking up delicious Cold Crab using Sri Lankan crab. Many patrons find it hard to accept Cold Crab initially, they were afraid that eating cold food will end up with tummy-ache. Nonetheless, the tasty dish eventually caught on and this is how Lee Do Restaurant become the pioneer of the Cold Crab.

Chinese Food Videography
Treasure Pot
This dish is truly a collection of some of the most exquisite ingredients in Chinese cuisines. A popular dish among the restaurant patrons during a celebration or festive season. The Treasure Pot contains scallops, sea cucumber, prawns and abalones.

Claypot Food Videography Singapore
Claypot Red Wine Chicken Soup
Good things do not come in a hurry, and this dish is the best example. The ingredients are stir-fried over a day. The red wine paste is painstakingly cooked over a slow fire to bring out its aroma.

Food Videography Fishball Soup
Fuzhou Fishball Soup

You may have had many different Fuzhou Fishballs but the ones served by Lee Do Restaurant are handmade. Fuzhou Fishballs contain meat in the middle, wrapped around by the fish meat. This juxtaposition of taste is the best of both types of meat.

Chinese Food Videography Singapore
Bamboo Clam with Garlic

This is a trending dish with many loyal fans. Apart from looking appetising, the bamboo clam has a distinct texture that keeps you coming back for more. Topped off with garlic for the fragrance and chilli from an extra oomph.

There are way more scrumptious dishes than what we have featured. Drop by the restaurant to try them for yourself.

Lee Do Restaurant
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