Commercial & Corporate Photography in Singapore, Malaysia and Beyond

Vivid Snaps is your corporate photography partner based in Singapore, we serve clients from a wide range of industries. Young entrepreneurs hitting Kickstarter with their first project, SMEs who are uplifting their professional image, or brand owners looking for the flawless product feature will find that our corporate photography services in Singapore, Malaysia and beyond will help them enhance their professional brand image.

High-end image quality is achieved by being meticulous in every stage of the process and using cutting edge equipment to enhance the corporate image of our clients. Our photographers enjoy working closely with our clients, understanding your expectations and preferences. In that way, we craft images that align precisely with your imagination. We go beyond just offering photography services to our clients in Singapore and Malaysia. Instead, we help our clients capture their professional image with a hint of personality. We believe personality sets individuals apart – and we capture that in our photographs.

Our little studio is conveniently located at Kallang Place. Being on the outskirt of the busy city, we enjoy a degree of tranquil while remaining accessible to our clients. We always welcome our corporate clients to take part in the entire photography process (shooting and editing) as your opinions matter and we want you to be satisfied with the work our team in Singapore puts out.

Our corporate photography services in Singapore and Malaysia go beyond just corporate photoshoots. Learn more about what we have to offer by reading on.